1. Be polite. No flaming. Common sense and common courtesy should be the order of the day.

2. No links. If you feel compelled to give out a link, please email the link privately to the other person or persons. Only moderators can post links. (Note: The word "links" would include links to images .... in other words, only moderators can post pics or images).

3. No advertising of your business or someone else's business is allowed, however "subtle" the ad might be. Always remember we sell advertising banners here. The moderator has the sole discretion to decide which message constitutes an "ad".

4. No libellous messages will be entertained. Any message with the slightest hint of libel or slander will be sent to the trash can.

5. No political, religious or racial statements.

6. No posting of copyrighted material unless with permission of the author.

7. No mischief.

8. This board is not meant for complaints. If you have any complaint to make, please direct it to your State Assemblyman or Member of Parliament or the CAP. Do not post complaints here. We have no political clout to assist you.

9. When in doubt please email me at



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