Penang hawker food is the best in the world :-) What do you think?




Irene Geh Ladasky<iladasky@yahoo.com>

I left Penang at the age of 19. I am a teacher in USA and have boasted frequently of my island's wonderful food. Unfortunately I cannot to this day, find the same taste and special flavor of the island. Some come close, but never quite right.It's been 12 years since my last visit home. I sure miss the food!!!

John Lee<johnlee84@hotmail.com>

Well,I used to stay in a rented room in lorong Selamat while i'm doing my A-level in ATC college located in UMNO building.I still remember we always have plenty of choices for lunch.But Lorong Selamat's Char Koay Teow is the best.Even though sometimes have to line up and wait for the 'Antie'to fried the deliciouly smooth koay Teow.Not to forget the 'nasi kandar'in Pertama and the food court opposite UMNO building where the very friendly lady serve one of the best Curry Mee.All the photos look so familiar and I have the sentimental feeling thinking of my ex-classmates and good friends used to hang out in these hawker stalls and enjoy great food even its 2am.Penang's food is part of my life.Even though most of the hawker in KL serves Penang food but it will never taste the same.I miss Penang!!!


Song River, Gurney Drive. The famous Chicken Man is there, then there's Mr Tan, the Koay Teow is good there too so is the crabmeat spring roll. The Poh Piah is delicious, it's all so good. Although I go to Penang for work it is hard leaving the food, nothing compares to it where I live in Australia.

Michael Steinmetz<Steinmetz@VB-SNH.de>

When I saw the pictures I got sentimental feelings, cause I love Penang so much. I hope I can go back in the near future it's one of the best places for me. I also like the food esp. the Laksa soup and the seafood. Or the best chicken rice restaurant in Chulia street next to the Hongkong Bar. Not so many changes in the past that makes the place unique. It's a shame but I forgot the hawker centre close to the Ropewalk Hotel. The best chinese buffet offers the Khoo family. I hope Jimmy is back soon and I can enjoy his great food again. See you mate !!!!!!

Pamela Chua<pumpylicious@hotmail.com>

Hi...I'm a filipanese(Filipino/chinese-malaysian) born and bred in Australia. I went to Malaysia in Dec 2002-Jan 2003. I went to Penang, and I absolutely miss the food there! I loved the fried oysters and I ate my first laksa!! I guess I really liked the Ipoh Chicken Koay Teow, eating curry mee opposite the Kedai Kopi Goh Chew shop...aahh, I miss Malaysian food. I miss the atmosphere of the hawkers and the night life, because as you know, here in Melbourne, everything closes about 10pm. :( I miss the hawker stalls heaps!!!!

John Liang<liang49@cs.com>

In November this year I will be visiting Penang with my wife for the first time.After viewing the pictures and reading all the responses,I am really looking forward to try all the different ethnic food.This is truly going to be quite an experience for us,since we are from Miami Florida. I just can't wait. Have a nice day John.


I may not have been experimenting a lot on the local delicacies of late but my personal sureshots are: Char Koay Teow - Sany's. Wet style. The one in Bayan Baru right across Sunshine Square mall. Opens in the evening for dinner till 3 am. You can opt for the alternative (wet style, only spicier and the cook apparently uses a helluva lot more oil than usual) at Char Koay Teow Bawah Pokok. This one doesn't have a signboard. It's located just beside the main traffic light junction intersecting the Free Trade Zone in Bayan Lepas. Opens in the evening for dinner till 3 am (closes on Mondays). Yeoh's Char Koay Teow in Teluk Bayan (just behind the Shell petrol station after the Bayan Baru roundabout) is possibly the "best and affordable" CKT around these parts of the Northern region that I could think of if you're particularly thinking of getting dry chinese style CKT. Gets very busy during the weekends (duh! :)) and they close on Wednesdays. There's a lotta other good dishes that I'd like to recommend. Stay tuned!

Andrew Chan<andrew@mragroup.com.au>

Missed the hawkers in Penang. Brings back a lot of memories. Missed the food. Andrew Chan


In about a month's time, I will be travelling to Penang with my friend. She is from Hong Kong and has never had the PLEASURE of enjoying Penang hawker food, and the past few weeks I have been telling her about every stall in Penang. My favourite stall (hope its still there) is Perak Road's Char Koay Kak. You cant get any here in New Zealand....mmm... yum...

Joshua Hampton<csurfer78@yahoo.com>

Oh, it's been a while since I last visited Penang, but in my high school days, from 1992-1996, I loved the stalls at Hillside! The roti canai and burger guys are great! I also cannot forget Sizzling Chicken at Batu Feringghi or the stalls at sunrise, where some of the best juicers are. I wish I could remember more names, but the only one I know for sure is Fatty Loh's Chicken Rice. And not to forget the humble island of Pangkor, they have the best banana-sweetmilk crepes! Wow, I am getting so hungry just writing about all this! Sushi, Gyoza and Yakisoba are good, but I really miss Penang!


Penang is one of the best place to visit.People there are very friendly and helpful.Foods like Koay teow,Laksa,Royak, Hok Kien Mee,Wan Tan Mee, Rendang,Curry,Char Kuey kak,Po Pieh and Otak Otak,must try ! Shopping in Penang is good too,things are cheap(bargain is Fun) Check it out ! Smile


love the food in penang... esp the penang laksa at the foot of penang hill.. dunno the name of the hawker tho.. and the 2 sisters char kuay teow... and of course, i can't miss out gurney drive, a real food paradise.. can't wait to visit penang again! :)

Ross Flores<rossflores@lycos.com>

apa khabar? i'm ross flores from manila and i must say that malaysian cuisine is absolutely heavenly! i am a certified laksa fanatic! i have first tasted "laksa" in kuching and in miri and i am dying to be able to cook up this recipe here in the philippines. please, can anyone help me find a way to get ahold of a particular brand of sambal laksa? i believe i brought home the "sambal laksa cap double red swallow" but my supply is fast dwindling which of course scares me coz it's nowhere to be found here in my country obviously. is there a way to purchase this brand online or by mail or whatever? i'd appreciate you guys helping me out here. thanks!


i have been to Penang once , and i have my dinner one night in Green Land , Georgetown that near komtar , i have found my favoured food Pohpiah there , that the only best stall that i had in Penang.....i will never forget it


Hi all! Can anyone end my search for the recipe of the gravy that is served with roti canai? I repeat, the gravy. I can search for numerous roti canai recipes but not the gravy. If they come in several varieties, I want them all! Salamat!

Mrs Ong<elaineong@atozasia.com>

I am living in Europe now and I am in my 1st trimester of pregnancy. Reading all these websites about food in Malaysia is really killing me but I just can't stop! You cannot imagine what it is like having morning sickness and craving for all the comfort food that everyone in Malaysia take for granted - because you can just get up, go out and buy it! I will be going home for a short break in June and it is too long away!!!


Hi Friend, You know about the small and friendly town -- Bkt Mertajam? Oh, It's my home town, It's contain more delicios food, Duck Egg Char Koey Tiow in the midninght tat opposite Tah Pai Tang, Crab Meat Hor Fun, Sri Rambai Curry Mee, Big Prawn Hok Kian Mee, and a lot, a lot..... Mmmm, Opppss!! My stomach call me already!! next week, when I go back to this town, I must eat all of them.... Don't forget, Bkt Mertajam...


Hi Kayes Finally I'm going back to Penang since my last trip in January 2001. Though not a Beancurd lover, but this particular beancurd stall really caught my tastebud since my first visit to Penang in 1996. Has been going back to the same stall whenever I'm in Penang, The beancurd stall located near to the Lok Lok stall at Gurney drive in the night. Serve with brown sugar syrup rather than white sugar syrup displays a great difference to the aftertaste for beancurd dessert.

Manjit Rostom<m.rostom@herts.ac.uk>

It's been a while since I visited this site. Yes, like everyone else I have wonderful memories of all the hawker food in Penang - which beats hawker food of any other Malaysian cities any day! Each time I 'balik kampong' to Penang over the years, I have noticed that there is a slight change in the flavours and taste of some of the foods - I miss the Balik Pulau laksa with no tow geh in it, and the ice kachang without all the numerous things you now get to choose from, or the large portions of char kuay teow, loh bak etc. etc. I also miss the hawkers coming around the houses at different times of the day - it was exciting to wait for the different bells or calls to announce what each hawker was selling. I know that my older frail relatives who don't get a chance to go out to all these eating places miss these hawkers very much - but so much for progress and commercialisation heh!


The Hawker "complex" at Long Beach Cafe on Batu Ferringhi strip serves a diverse range of food - Chinese, Indian, Fast Foods etc, with the quality and taste of the highest order! Also a suggestion it the Kampong (Kampung?) Cafe on Batu Ferringhi strip (across from Golden Sands Hotel). Small family run cafe which sells the most delicious food (outwith a hawker stall) we tasted!!! Mmmmm I can taste the King Prawns now... Cheers Neil

Johnny Wong<johnnyw@hotmail.com>

wow...looks really delicious!!! I am so hungry now!!! I love penang and especially penang food. Too bad I am here now in USA. No more char kuay teow for me...! The picture really bring back memorise of penang...! Oh well, I will be going back this May to Penang so... I can't wait! Peace!


Hi All, Just a word of advice. NEVER log on to this site if you are hungry!! :). My favorite is the Pulau Tikus market and all the coffeeshops around that area.That's where I hang out when I'm back in Penang. Luckily I only go back to Penang about once every year. If not, I'll be hugh. Cong Xi Fa Chai to all from Sweden. This place is pretty miserable when Asian food is concerned. The Swedish food is good but can't compare. Have a lovely day... Amy


Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the first photo, as Char Koay Teow is my favourite food. During a recent revisit to Penang, the usual price was about RM3. A Malaysian restaurant that I frequent in Cairns, Nth Queensland, charges the equivalent of RM24. Just wish I was in Penang!!


Hi Kayes, this really brings back all the good times about Penang. Swatow Lane, Lorong Selamat, McAlister Road etc. I miss Penang food so much!! My favorite hawker hangouts are at the Ayer Itam market and Padang Dato' Keramat but it really depends on what food one is looking for, isn't it? Penang laksa, char koay teow, hokkein mee rules!!

John Lim<lmkjohn@hotmail.com>

Hi Kayes, these photos not only bring back "happy"memories but is making me HUNGRY (AS IN EMPTY BELLY) All or most of the hawker's stall/centre looks alike' but the one I go to for most of my food is along Tg.Tokong/Jl.Hashim a stone throw from the CSC.Pen. near where I reside. Happy eating to all who viste Penang. for very good foods.

Adrian Wong<adrwong@sympatico.ca>

I remember I always had good times visiting the hawker stalls on Datok Kramat Road. Forgive me if I have the spelling wrong, it's been a long time. That was one of my favourite places because I could get a lot of different foods to eat there. I especially remember the boh boh char char, tastes like no other place. However, my favourite is still char koay teow, bar none. I still like Penang laksa better than anywhere else. Hokkien mee is a close second. Ahh, the list is too long. Better to eat than to talk about it. TC.


wow ... can we only tell of one favourite place ... how can we decide ?? when there are so many lovely places to eat ... i love all the places to eat in penang ... and could never decide on only one ... he he he ... guess i am what you call a food lover ... have fun trying them all out people of penang ... best wishes from sandy from u.k.

Sze Min<nimezs@lycos.com>

It's been a long time i haven't visit this site! after almost a year, i am back again. The first time i visit this homepage was when i was still in penang but now i am visiting this page in USA. i really missed the food in Penang, the food in US is sucks! red meat...make me put on weight without any control...

Fienne Koay<ssuan709@hotmail.com>

my fav hawkers are char Koay teow at Lorong Selamat, Bak Kut Teh at Macalister Rd -beside Naning Road, Laksa at Air Itam opposite the Lai Lai Shopping Centre, curry mee at Naning Road


Siam Road Char Koay Teow I like the most. Everytime i go back penang i sure go there to eat. Especially when he have duck egg.