Once a year, all the Hungry Ghosts must be fed and entertained. Pics above show the array of food offered to these Hungry Ghosts and the pic immediately above shows a stage where performances are held for the ghosts' entertainment. Scenes like these can be seen all over Penang during the Hungry Ghosts Month.

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1996 Evening ... mum burnt paper, joss sticks and candles offerings at our backyard. I thought this is an outdated idea and voiced my doubt to her. She kept quiet. When she closed the door, she reminded us not to open the door lest we being 'spiritually low' (Oon Keh) on that day might see undesirable things. Sceptical me spied through the cracks of the door... my gosh,am i spiritually low that day! I saw a dark figure going through the amber and ash as though seaching for something (to eat?). I was never sceptical ever since... and am now a filial good boy participating in all our worship rituals!

Aw Eng Eam<>

Great shot of the roast pigs - the details. I can even taste the crackling of the skin. Well taken. from a fellow Penangnite now residing in NZ.

Peter Chandra Alam<>

Please give where to see the best event in Penang duri Hungry ghosts month? Thanks


Can still remember when this month is drawing near, mom would not allow us to come back late.......cause according to her, we would be caught by the hungry ghosts if we were still wondering outside .Frightened but ....interesting month!


fascinating. Can you please tell history of this month?

David Harvey<>

I am visiting Penang soon and would like to know when this ghostly month occurrs.


I like to watch "Teo Chew He "during Hungry Ghosts Month!


When did the chinese started celebrate this festival? does chinese believe in the heaven and hell, because chinese don't have the concept of eschatology?

Jim Cook<>

Hi, I happened to be in Penang last year for this festival. Most interesting!