HONG KONG BAR IN CHULIA STREET - the fighting men's bar



extremely popular with the RAF/RAAF personnel when they were stationed in Penang and every visitor seemed to have left a momento there, including their photographs. the bar is stacked to the ceiling with plaques, badges, lifebuoys etc etc and there are piles of photo albums. the fighting men are gone now but the bar lives on

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Paul Winton<pjw5758@hotmail.com>

Hello again, I originally went to the Hong Kong bar in 1982 with 8/9 RAR and it was very much like in the above photo's. However I have been back to Penang and the Hong Kong bar quite a few times since, especially since the fire. I was there in 2005, 2006, and 2007 to celebrate my 50th at the Hong Kong Bar, and ill be over there again for 8 weeks in 2009. I was wondering if more updated photos of the Hong Kong bar can be added to the above to show what it is now like since the fire, I am sure many people would be interested to view the change and to see that some of the memorabilia had been saved from the fire. I am sure Peter and Jenny wont mind. Thank you for this great site.

Mike Quinn<michaelj.quinn3@bigpond.com>

Bravo Coy 3RAR,'79.Charlie Coy 3RAR '80.Delta Coy 2/4 '87.The "Dirty Dozen". Each time the Hong Kong was like a second home.Hope to be back for Easter '09.

Andrew Edwards<aedwards62@optusnet.com.au>

My Dad used to drink in the HKB in the early 60s and I did as OC B Coy 3RAR ?97 when we did the tour as RCB. Four great months with 120+ great blokes ? fond and proud memories. The time I spent propped against the bar in HKB with my CSM (Gary Mychael) were too numerous to mention but it was great to be there. Sorry to hear it all went up in flames, but really pleased to hear Jenny and Peter made it out and have resurrected a proud and cherished institution. I hope to be there again one day for an Anchor or three.

Michelle Vaughn<michellelang75@tiscali.co.uk>

I am looking to find a "Gary Coxon" who i belive was on board HMS Chichester around 1975, He was in the Royal navy, I think he might of left from Chatham Kent and also served on HMS Torquay? He may have pals who drunk in this bar with him and there may be some memories there or if anyone could forward any information i would be most grateful as he fathered a daughter before he left Chatham which is me ! i am desperate to trace him. Thanks michelle

Bill Sim<billsim415@aol.com.au>

Just discovered this site. Very interesting. I am a frequent visitor of Penang. Will check out this bar when I am there next week. Regards. Bill.

Norv Simpson<the_simmos@aanet.com.au>

I was there 63-64. Stationed at 114MCRU Radar Unit. We used to fuel up at the 'Boatie' then go on Safari to HKB and many others. The trishaw races were going on then and probably years before. The RAAF Boat Club was protected by the Base Commanders to ensure the troops were there on Monday mornings and not spread all over Malaya/Malaysia. Anyone remember Crazy Horse?? I think I should open a stubby and drink to the HKB, the Penang Bar and all the others. Cheers Norv.

Uwe Zickermann<uwezickermann@hotmail.com>

Hi everybody, i`ve been several times in the HKB in November 1991. Great place to be with lots of memories, i found a picture of a mate of mine, he was there 1978 with the german vessel "Elisabeth Rickmers". Sad to hear, that the bar has gone up in flames, but glad to hear, that they awake the Bar to life again. Will be there sometime again.

Michael Steinmetz<Michael.Steinmetz@VB-SNH.de>

I visit the place again during my last holiday in May/June this year. The old atmosphere is gone but it´s still a nice "waterhole". Peter and Jenny are still very nice and lovely folks. I was a regular there and I´m also a regular in the new HK Bar.

Owiee (3RAR)<mow94808@bigpond.net.au>

4 trips to Butterworth with 3 RAR Too many things I cant remember. I am now 42 with 3 kids under 9......such is life.

Paul Winton<Winton@health.qld.gov.au>

Just sufing the net for information and came to this site, 2 Tours 8/9 RAR in 1982 and 2/4 RAR 1983. To many good time to mention. Will be there in August 2005 to show family now that all are grown. It is a shame the photos have gone. Will try to find some of mine and take over.

Peter McNamara<Peter.McNamra1@bigpond.com.au>

Dropped in to see Peter and Jenny yesterday. First song off the mini hifi just had to be Khe Sanh! What memories! Had a Tiger as well of course! The bar has been re-painted and the recovered plaques and bank notes are up on the wall. Jenny tells me the bar equipment will be in shortly. If you can, pay them a visit, they are lovely people and smiling as always. Regards Peter.

Clive Hall<cliveh@lagunacom.com.au>

I periodically visited the bar in the early sixties. I was in the RAAF at Butterworth and was single. We used to go to Penang and stay at a hotel like the Whitehouse and then visit the bars during the weekend. My photograph is there in an album somewhere. I remember that they used to put raw pumpkin seeds on the bar. You would crack open the shell and eat the kernel inside. Have a couple of pics of me in the bar.

Phil Sutherland<phillip.sutherland@defence.gov.au>

I was at the HKB in Feb and the bar is comming back to life.I am back over there in May so I will brop in and see how its going. Last time I was there I looked at the burnt Plaques and some can be recovered.I will be I spoke to Jen and suggested a part of the wall is dedicated to the old HKB and the rest to a new.I have some old bits from the old days, photos & plaques so I will take them over. If anyone wants to do the same I think it will help getting it up on its feet.

Quai Chiang Caine<grasshopper@hotmail.com>

I was sad to hear the news Jenny and Peter but at the same time I was greatly releived to hear you both made it out. So I have mixed feelings about what happened. If need be, I know for one I would be prepared to make a small contribution to restoring the Hong Kong bar. It would just be my way of repaying what i enjoyed when i was there. To me it was more than just a cold hard business transaction.

Wally Wharton<wally_w_58320@yahoo.co.uk>

I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your bar, it was a great meeting and focal point for many ex-pats and service men and women for many many years. I only hope that you can emulate the success in your new establishment and I will be keeping an eye out on this website for further news.

Ken Tingle<kentee@blueyonder.co.uk>

I've only just found this site & read about the fire, absolutely devastated. Visted in 2002 with my wife to show her where we used to have fun, even found a picture but didn't take a copy.Used to visit regularly June 1965 - Dec 1967. (Ex RAF) Stationed at Butterworth, but spent lot of time at RAF Glugor on Penang and at the air gunnery site on Bidan Island. Hope to be back next year especially as it's re-opened. If I have any suitable pictures etc I'll take them with me. Cheers everyone! Ken Tingle

Ian Keightley (Keits)<ushaian@optusnet.com.au>

I was with 3 Sqn with the RAAF back in 1982 to 1985. Was only just talking with an old fella I met today (23March2005) who used to drink in the Hong Kong bar back in the 50's. Jenny and Pete so sad to hear about the bar burning down, but glad to hear now that it has risen from the ashes. Don't know if you remember me Jenny but I used to live in Hillside ..No. 27 Loh Poh Heng with 2 other guys Jamesy and Barney. We used to drop in for the odd few million drinks or two back then ....I even had the start of my bucks night there in the bar 23 June 1984 ...man what a great night. I married an Indian lass and we have been back to Penang a few times over the years ...had the good fortune to drag our kids along in 1994 and had a good time going thru the old books where I had written things from 1982. I will see what we have in the way of photos that we may be able to send to you. Just glad you guys are ok.

Andrew Balk<a.a.balk@quicknet.nl>

Hello,I'm een old sailor from Holland. I be in the HKB in the end of 1969 till 1974. I believe that I visit the bar with the crew so 2 or 3 time per year. The name of the ships: Neder Weser, Neder Rijn, Balong,from the compagnie Nedlloyd. I'm stil have 2 picture who make from the crew in the HKB that time. Do you still have all the picture from that tyme. All the best en maybe till soon. Andrew Balk


Had many a beer there when visiting with 10SQN RAAF on deployments from 1991 to 1995.

Wes Rawlings<wesrawlings@hotmail.com>

Went twice to HKB mid 1984 and 1989 both with 1RAR. What a shame it burnt down, i now wish i had returned. I will send some pics to help restore the memories.Feel free to email me if you like i keep in contact with many from 1RAR.


I was there in 00/01 with RCB 52, spent lots of time in the HKB on weekrnds and nights off, it became our "local" for the 3 months I was there. soory to hear the bad news but great to hear the bar has reopened. I have heaps of photos that i could donate to the HKB and even a plaque of our tour. If any one knows if Jenny wants them please let me know. I did a rotation to RCB as a rifleman with 2/17 RNSWR in 2000/2001, the HKB was the first bar we went too when we got there, it became our "local" for the 3 months we where there in Penang, I have a lot of great memories of the times spent there. I hope Jenny and all the other people who worked there at that time are OK. Only just heard of the fire , can anyone tell me more? G Vardy.

Mike Delaney<boatdoc999@hotmail.com>

I am gutted about the fire. I was going to bring my son out here in 5 years and show him some photos from the summer of 1989 when a gang of us where 'studying' at the local hospital. Loved the place

Paul Tyler<pauljudy@iinet.net.au>

I was there many times. Great memories of HKB and Penang whilst with B Coy 6RAR 1978 and again in 1981.

Brett Kelly<brett.k@kellyshep.com.au>

Mate, I have been there with A Company 1RAR we where there for Butterworth airbase Security.Timing was around end of 1986, mate really enjoyed the tour and the Hong Kong bar was our main watering hole, I've still got a headache from the local chemically brewed anchor beer.Boy some of the story's to be told after we'd warmed up at this bar can't be told by e-mail, but if you've been there you'll know anyway buy for now. regards Brett


I endorse all the sentements and good words already said. I first visited the HKB in 1962 when I was on leave from Malacca. Three years later I was posted to Butterworth but being a marridie I only visited the establishment once or twice . In 2001 A friend and I attended a reunion in Penang and of course , wet our whistle at our old watering hole while laughing about many of the remarks made in the year books by friends departed.SO the question begging to be asked is :- Are they going to build another bar in the like and memory of the old. The fact that our old memoribilia is gone does not mean that new Dynestry should not comense. As well as the cold tiger I like to enjoy. I will be back in Feb 1st and again in mid June.

Nev Warwick<nev0007@hotmail.com>

Was there Dec 1986 - Mar 1987 with A coy 8/9 RAR - great memories from the HK Bar, sorry to hear its gone.


Please note that after the fire, the Hong Kong Bar has now re-opened for business at the same location in Chulia Street.

Goran Dolk<g.dolk@bredband.net>

From 1967 to beginning of 1970th we called Penang on the way to Persian Gulf. It was the last chance for a decent bear and some good times. It was also the first port on our way to Japan and back to civilisation. Looking for friends in photo albums where you could find friends from the other ships in the company Star Betelguese, Arcturus, Alcyone, Aldebaran, Antares Altair.To you still have the photoe albums? All the best Goran

Karine Røtne<karine-marie@c2i.no>

My husband and I visited Hong Kong Bar november 2002, to look up photos from his days as a sailor 25 years ago. And we found the bar and lots of photos. We hade some copies made. And hade some good time in the bar with Jenny and Peter. We went to visit Hong Kong Bar again okt./nov.2004. Looking for Jenny and Peter. But the bar had burn down some weeks ago. They hade saved their lives,but they hade lost everything.We think that it will be very hard for them to get things together again.
Karine and Sven Røtne Norway


where can we send plaques etc for the new hong kong bar.johno ex 8/9 rar

Margaret Whitaker<allreef@iprimus.com.au>

Jenny and Peter, So sorry to hear about the fire in the HKB. I was over there with RCB 64(16 RWAR) at the beginning of the year and had very pleasant memories, especially New Year's Eve. Your hospitality and generosity to all the military personnel should be commended. I for one would love to see the place open again as I want to go back to Penang for a holiday and hope to be able to visit the bar again. I have some photos of the bar and am willing to give up my plague, which I received, to be put on the walls of the new bar. I am sure a lot of other people would gladly do the same.

Steve Todd<steveanthonytodd@hotmail.com>

Have great memories of downing a few tigers at the HK bar. Was there june to September 1975 with "A" Company 1RAR. Would love to here from anybody that was there at the same time as me...It would be good to relive some of them memories.

Steve Brown<shbrown3@hotmail.com>

Sad to hear about the loss of this great meeting place. I was there in 1984 with D coy 1 RAR and then 19 year's later while on Ex with 11/28 Bn RWAR. have two photo's of me standing outside the Bar years apart.

laura knight<lknight2179@deferrers.staffs.sch.co.uk>

hi im laura knight and i visited the bar 3 years ago as my grandad- bill took me there as he was a regular i am devestated to hear about it burning down. i can organise an event to raise money. i heard its being rebuilt already? i met jenny and peter and went out with them loadza times!! i love em both. i hope you are both well. if you can please write back as i am missing you loads. lots of love laura xxx


POTSY...16 RWAR RCB64 so so sad to have heard about the burning down of HKB. The bar was more than just a watering hole ..... I shared good times and lots of laughs with Peter , Jenny , travellers and the members of RCB64. After my wedding on 31 Dec 2003 , the piss up quickly moved to HKB where we saw in the New Year. Hope to see the bar restored , some things can never be replaced , but the spirit that has been for 85 years can not be taken away , the HKB will never die !!!

Eddie Thompson<tsbeford@msn.com>

Very very sad to hear the bar has gone up in smoke, many many happy hours spent in there in the Sixties. Eddie

Jim Caithness<JamesCaithness@aol.com>

Really sad that my wife won't be able to see the HKB. This was to be top of the list of places I went, during my time in the Royal Navy, to re-visit.

Tom Stott< lipis@eircom .net>

I will miss the Hong Kong bar I also have some happy memories of meetings and a few tigers. Regards to all

Steve Ingram<steveingram1@optusnet.com.au>

Hi have been viewing the site for some time and glad to see that a number of you have fond memories of the Hong Kong bar. UNFORTUNATLY AS YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD IS THAT IT IS NO MORE. But we can help bring back some of the memorabilia to the family that has served us so well. .I for one when I first went to the bar in 1975 and had the photo taken and put comments in the books continued to go back over the years with different units and in 1985 marry Penny, NEVER DREAM that such a disaster would happen to an icon of Penang would be no more. I have 3 children now 2 have been over to the bar and love being there not only with Jenny Peter and the family but also the fact that you cannot replace the special connection with members of the RCB.The problem now is my youngest son will miss all of this if we let it go and don't help rebuild.I have a number of years worth of memorabilia that I am going to send to Jenny and Peter to help .I have written to the defence forces as well for assistance.But most importantly I am appealing to your fighting spirit to all through out the world that have visited or been informed of the great place to help rebuild the ICON.

Bob Schumm<venture@trianglenet.net>

I was shocked and saddened to hear that the bar was destroyed in a fire. -Bob

Michael Steinmetz<Michael.Steinmetz@VB-SNH.de>

Just a moment ago I got the bad news. I´m deeply shocked it´s like that I lost a part of myself. I spend countless hours in the HK Bar - not only a bar, it was more a shrine - what can I say............... Michael Steinmetz, Germany


Feel sad and disappointed to hear that the 84-year-old Hong Kong Bar, said to be the state's oldest bar, was gutted in an early morning fire.....

Garry O'Bree<garrylyn@austarnet.com.au>

What a shame to hear the sad news. Peter and Jenny, my thoughts are with you, as I have had the occasional cold beer and enjoyed good company at the Hong Kong Bar since 1975. Had my photo taken a few times, but I guess they are all gone now.

Sean Tan<gseantan@yahoo.co.uk>

Just to let you know that Hong Kong Bar was burnt to the ground in the early morning of Sept 14, 2004. There is nothing left. My brother, Peter and sister, Jenny managed to escape the fire with nothing else. All the memorabilia collected through the years are gone. We are still in shock. My nephew in NZ, Stuart Thomas, found out there is a website on Hong Kong Bar in Penang and I did not realize there are so many of you who have fond memories of the place.


Peter and Jenny,i could'nt believe it when i opened the Star newspaper and then i read that the Hong Kong bar was burn't out ,i was there just a few days before the fire and have been many times on my trips to Penang.i hope the Hong Kong bar will live again.

George Willard<gwillard041@hotmail.com>

Sad news: I"m afraid the bar burnt down recently. :(


thought u all should know that the place burnt down on sept 13, 2004. very sad. everything from the souvenir ship plaques, photos and the visitors' books were all burnt.

Mark Butler (Butts)<butler.imt@ozemail.com.au>

Fond memories of the HKB from my time at RCB with B coy 1RAR 77-78. I was recently back in Penang with my family on a very tight schedual. I told them of the HKB and said " Penang has changed so much it wouldnt be there anymore". Unfortunately I couldnt get a fix on such a changed landscape. Now I have found its still going I am even more dissappointed. But i do have some wonderful memories

Rob Duckworth<robert_d57@iprimus.com.au>

I was there in 1980 with 8/9 RAR. What a great place, although I do remember getting cleaned up in the back of the head by a rogue sky rocket one drunken night.


My first visit to bar in May 2004. Went to buy my friend a t shirt since his was old. He bought his in 1973. Great place. Great people. Jenny is beautiful and Peter is a nice guy.


OMG! i came by this by accident, whilst looking for Penang links! i live in Australia now, and havent been back to Penang for 20 yrs now *sad* I was very much the regular there and had such a fantastic time with the boys (army & airforce), for some reason, i never made any new friends with the passin tourist? So if anyone out there remembers a 'Sharon' a local grrl, that didnt look local - drop me an email!! Friends names i can remember are : Skeg (Mark Reardon), Dogshit (Mark), Stephen McWaters, Mark Duffy, and OH so many faces still in my mind, but i dont remember the names.. i was there Year 1981-1984, then i headed to Australia. Im living now in Melbourne (14yrs in Qld, 4yrs in Sydney) and WOULD just love (and faint) to meet friends from the PAST. Theres a few of my photo there too... HUGS to all from 8/9RAR, 5/7batt (cant remember all the details now......its sooooo long ago!) bye...and write!! Webgrrl (sharon gordon)

Calvin Hill<mr9e@optusnet.com.au>

What a surprise to find the HK bar on the web, nice one Penny & Jenny. I was there in 80 & 88 and have many fond memories of the HK Bar. Nice to see so many ex 8/9 lads dropping in to say g'day,......................... hope you all paid your bills before dropping in!!!!!! Take care lads and maybe we will catch up again, Hilly

Doc Berry<gregmcphersonberry@bigpond.com>

Doc Berry B Coy 8/9 RAR .My greatest moment in the HK bar was when I was chased inside the bar with Greg Willis by 100 mad, fist and knife wielding tri shaw drivers who apparently claimed we ripped them off 2 ringit! Luckily the RAAF Police were called in to defuse the situation - they paid 2 ringit and all was forgotten! The 2 ringit I saved by ripping the driver off got me a nice cold Anchor to laugh off another close shave! Good times!

Greg Berry<gber8588@bigpond.com>

Doc Berry B Coy 8/9 RAR June 1985 Bailed up inside the HK bar with Greg Willis trying to escape from 100 mad fist and knife waving trishaw drivers who claimed we ripped them off 2 ringit! Luckily the RAAF Police who were called in to save us got a beating instead!!! Ah what justice! Gee I had some fun in that Bar!

Greg Mills<gregorymills@bigpond.com>

So many names and memories from the past. I had three great tours with 2/4 RAR 83,88 & 90; almost lost a liver on that last one but picked up a gong. I?m still serving but not likely to get back there any time soon. Cheers to all.

Sean Arthur<seanart@optusnet.com.au>

Man... the ole HK Bar. I too spent my 21 birthday in that old joint. What a fun place and how they kept snapping photos all the time. I was doing my RCB bit with B Coy 1 RAR... I think... in 1979, was it? I'm getting old. I gotta get me back there one day. Best wishes to the other ex-Rifle Coy blokes!!!!

Gary Stout<imeldastout@hotmail.com>

Hello auntie, this is your newphew giving a shout out from the U.S. Hopefully you read this, and e-mail me back so I can show you some pictures. Family is good, and hopefully you all are good too. Gary.

Wolf-Dieter Otto<w-d-otto@t-online.de>

Yes, I have been twice in 1965 when staying on a Hapag liner "Hannover" and passing to Japan and return. Took a picture and will come back next 10 days for another beer and joining the HHH run on monday. Last time I saw my picture with some crew members. Later in 1971 to 73 I had a car crash near-by in Chulia street, when working for a trading company for 2 years in Penang and passed-by numerous times. This first stop made me mad and it worked getting a job in Penang. Was a marvelous time. Best regards, Wolf-Dieter


i've been coming to this bar probably since 1988.does the jukebox still work?

Mark Pearson<mark@egymca.asn.au>

What can I say - gone are the days of magnificent memories of the great relations formed in the bar. Stories are numurous but will never forget the farewell steam boats of 74 and 76

Kev Swan<kevinswan73@hotmail.com>

Wow, I was just talking about this place last night to a few freinds. I was stationed in the Cameron Highlands, Malaya around 1969 and I was sent over to Penang via Butterworth with supplies to one of the Army barracks. At the ripe old age of 18yrs, I considered myself to be a 'Man of the World' and looked forward to a couple of great nights out in Penang. The Hong Kong bar appealed to me because I was due to be posted to Hong Kong within the next 2 weeks so with my (older) buddy, went in, ordered a couple of Tiger Tops, sat with a few of the 'Young Ladies' and got quietly drunk. Somehow that night, my buddy and I upset a few Yanks that were in Penang on R & R from Vietnam, what happend then I don't recall but I woke up in the Military Hospital with a broken nose, 7 stitches around my left eye and countless bruises around my body............ Fond Memories.

Zeke Behm<zekiebehm@optusnet.com.au>

Yep 75sqn 1972-1974(singlie).Raafies from the Boatie (Raaf Butterworth Yatch Club)would remember the infamous Penang Pub Club Crawl. All starters wore a tee shirt that had to be signed at every bar ( cant remember how many)and the Hong Kong Bar was one.Transport was by the dreaded trishaw and i remmember one year having a race down Penang Road. 1979-1981 478sqn saiss (duty crew)and 75sqn(bagger). A bit quieter this trip but went on a trap run now and then.

Stephen Clift<d109599j@hotmail.com>

This was the first time i had been to malaysia, i was 17 years old in december 1970, the whole of one watch was allowed to come ashore in the unbderstandin that we only had four hours to enjoy penang before we sailed for singapore for a refit, the whole watch me included got so drunk that they had to pospone the departure for 5 hours, the mail never got picked up or posted the moorining lines snapped, the flag never got raised, and five of the 37 caught doses, we all had our photo taken the end of december 1970, do they still exsist? out of the 37 there were 30 warrants waiting when we got into singapore. the ship was hms brereton and the date was latein december 1970

Derek Moth<d.moth@btinternet.com>

Had a few wets in this bar during a short visit to Penang aboard HMS Chichester in Oct 1975, had a great couple of sessions,plan to visit in a year or two, Hope my photo is still in the album so i can have a few more wets looking for it.

Michael Dunne<mickd@ alphalink.com.au>

What a great place the "Hongkong" bar was and like "Ken Wallaby", time changes the old mind. We all remember old Rosie who was 'mine host' and being a member of the RAAF Police branch, 1973-75, and we could all tell some stories especially Kev Mayfield and the Principal Air Chaplain who was doing a tour of duty and some how Tannoy Mayfield introduced the PAC to a day out at Rosie's. Memories.

Trevor Deathridge<trevor1940aaa@Austarnet. com>

Visited this Bar many times during 4 tours as a GUNNIE with the RAAF from 1969-71(3Sqn),1974-77(478Sqn),1979-81(478Sqn) and on Technical Publications Visit in 1983. Unfortunately have not been back since. Have fond/sad memories of this Bar AND the one next door especially during my singlies tour in 1974 This Bar was used several times during the yearly ST Barbara's (patron Saint of Armourers etc)Pub Runs No dought you remember these Whisky.

Fred Schwientek<stek@netspace.net.au>

I was a frequent visitor to the HKB in late 1975 when I was with B Coy 2/4 RAR during our RCB stint


Up date of my E mail address.What great times we had,the HKB was a launching pad for our trap run.Funny how you would start at the HKB sober and many hours later you would end up back there,smashed to the eye balls.Trying to remember the words to any song that come on the juke box..The HKB will always be the spirital home of the Aussie soldier when at RCB Malaysia.Iwould love to hear from anyone who server with me at RCB.......cheers SHORTY EATON.


where can i get a hong kong bar tshirt??hey big kev how about joining the assocition.www.89rar.au....johno

Mark Parkins<mark.parkins@power.alstom.com>

First visited in 1994 as a civilian working in Penang. Been numerous times since. Signed the book a few times. Many photos even with my kids. Donated a kangaroos Ball Bag which is hanging with the Forces medals. Hi Jenny and Peter. Might see you at Christmas 2003.

Bob Schumm<venture@trianglenet.net>

I was in the Hong kong Bar several times during the late 1980's. I was with U.S. Navy Patrol Squadron VP-4,Crew 5, out of Barbers Point Hawaii. Sometime while there I signed the guestbook and got a group picture taken. Had great times while there and enjoyed it immensely. My favorite pedi-cab drivers were Joe and Mohammed. (Okay so I'm a little vague on last names) Thanks for the memories!


To Robert Mcpherson :Thank you very much for sending us the whole set of the print out of hong kong bar. We don't have your e-mail address, so we send this message to you through here. once again, thanks & see you again when you visit penang.Take care & Bye!


I've been there.Very thick in history. At the moment with rotation (rcb 62) may03- aug03.yep the ENGINEERS ARE HERE to REBUILD! To keep the legend going

Jasdev Singh<lord_jasdev@hotmail.com>

I've always figured the RAAF fellas always hung out secretly somewhere in some wooden shack with sarong clad girls aha but its kinda ironic you know - HONG KONG bar in PENANG with foreign patrons. Wonderful ! Definately gonna visit Hong Kong bar next weekend(catchin LIMA this weekend).

Wally Wharton<wally_wharton@yahoo.co.uk>

My first visit to the Hong Kong bar in Penang in 1983 was preceeded by a visit to the Doc's over the road for a quick 24hour miracle cure. After paying for my treatment and despite being warned not to drink for the next 48 hours, I popped over the road for some very cold, very delicious beers. Adding my name to the guest book, my photo and some gizzit put up with the rest of the stuff I proceeded to get quite pissed. With me was a guy from South Africa 'Nick Durran' who was in the Navy with me. Anyway, it became my base for the next 3 weeks and part of the reason for my bouncing cheques that luckily returned to the ship after we had sailed. That was the end of that or so I thought. Some years later, a mates brother was travelling throughout the far east and he happened upon the same bar. Just on the offchance he started to browse and got quite a shock when he came upon my ugly much grinning back at him. This happened again to about 6 other visitors who knew me over the next 20 years and they all end up sending me a phot of them next to mine in what is fantastic trawl back through time. Well worth a visit - if I ever get the chance, I shall be back.


When my father was alived, he used to tell me about the stories he worked at this bar. That was about 60 years ago. He was so poor at that time, he did not have money to buy blankets, he had to used newspapers to cover himself, and slept on top of the table at night. My father told me there was a rich man son who used to get drunk there, and my father was the one who brought him home with the trishaw. One night, that rich man son even brought my father to see his huge family collections of treasures. That rich man son ended up broke, because he spent all his father's fortune. My father worked hard to become a successful business man. During the 1960s, he owned the most famous night club in Penang. He never forgot his past. Therefore, until today whenever, I go pass this bar or looking at its picture in this site, it will bring back lots of memories about my father.

Julie Parkin & Si Whitlow<bigsiwhit@aol.com>

We visited the Hong Kong Bar in spring 1997. We loved it, especially reading the visitors books, which we of course contributed to. I have been on a travelouge web site today hoping that someone would mention this bar. Although loads of the accounts mention Penang, none of them mentioned the Hong Kong Bar. They don't know what they missed. My memory of been here is of getting v drunk with some Australian soldiers who tried to put us off going to Australia by telling us all about the poisonous bugs, snakes etc. We loved the bar and would like to think that one day we will return with our five year old son in tow!!! (He was conceived whilst on our travels!)

Bruce Blackburn<sarge3159@ yahoo.com.au>

visited bar a many a time had some good times there on my three tours with australian rifle coy,s in the late seventies and eightys have not back since retired from army arfter 22 years service but hope to one day soon.

Kevin Lloyd<klloyd@nortelnetworks.com>

My wife and I (Penang local lady) have now been together for nearly 15 lovely and fantastic years. I dont think we have had the opportunity to meet so many years ago if I had not had 20 tigers in the Hong Kong Bar before going out with the boys and meeting her (Shiraz). We celebrated our wedding with some of my best mates in the Hong Kong Bar. Hi to all my old mates, I miss yas all.

Bob 'Taff' Price<probert998@aol.com>

I remember this bar very well. I served both at RAAF Butterworth and RAF Western Hill between 1965 - 1967. If memory serves correct, didn't there used to be a cinema acroos the road from the bar? My most vivid memory is spending the night before my first free fall parachute jump in the bar and by 'spending the night' I mean sleeping on a chair slumped over one of the tables. I woke to the horrible reality of a cold dawn light and remember walking over to the window and looking out at the sky. The very last thing I wanted to do, as I recall,was to jump out of an aeroplane at Bayan lepas airfield. On another occasion, a lad from the Royal Green Jackets failed to recognise me and took time off from 're-arranging' the bar to try and brain me with a chair. Happy times indeed. Would someone please have a Tiger for me the next time they're there. 'Taff' Price (ex RAF)

Bull Herrod<therrod@iprimus.com.au>

It would be good to see a few more of the old photos. Bull

Wayne Bruce<bruceworld1@optusnet.com.au>

I stumbled across this site by accident and it was like a trip down memory lane. I have many, many fond memories of the Hong Kong Bar and Georgetown from several trips with RCB in the 80's.

Bill Cochrane<bill.cochrane@optusnet.com.au>

3 trips to Butterworth with 8/9 RAR 74-75, 78/79 and 80. Too many tales to tell.

Craig Ellery<semley@smartchat.net.au>

I was with the RCB at Butterworth with A Coy 1 RAR between Feb. to June 1981 and have fond memories of the HK Bar and the great times we had. Where have all the years gone?

Scott Warren<wazzawazza53@hotmail.com>

Had my first beer in 1991 with A Coy 8/9 RAR. Eyes wide open and my jaw was slack as was the norm for a kid on his first trip to the pearl of the orient. A decade latter and im back, C Coy 6 RAR. Penang has changed but the Hong Kong Bar remained the same which is great to see.


i was there in 1985 b coy 8/9rar.greg steel i think has the record for falling a sleep on the ferry....

Kev Esposito J<kevespo@hotmail.com>

Yes --- none to repeat.

Mick Rice<marpster97@bigpond.com>

Kev Lloyd a stretcher bearer - (lmao) very funny gee up!. Was there with B Coy 8/9 RAR in 82 and 85. So many good times there, great to see a website for the HKB. I remember Chook Fowle came in one night with all these fire works that were shaped like a rubic's cube (fired nine shots) - he gave every Aussie in the place one each, when a bus came down the road we were light and throw them in the open window's of the bus and run back inside - which was dutifully done! Next thing this ball of light (the bus)went out of control down the street and cashed just down the road - about 10mins later about 15 coppers came in to witness all of us singing Khe Sahn by Chisel and claiming our innocence.

Swanny Atkinson<david.atkinson@defence.gov.au>

Hi all this is swanny, as it seems another member of the 8/9th Bn good to see bull's and shortys name up there as i am sure many others who had a great time in the HK bar, i was there with Charlie Coy 8/9th the foot in march 1980 and also with Bravo Coy the 6th Bn,in 89/90 probably some of the best time would have to be the tri shaw races from the ferry to see who could get a beer first and riding down the road throwing fire works into the crowns waiting for the buses and watching them scatter I wonder who holds the record for falling asleep on the ferry and going back and fowards ?? probably shorty or PJ McCurdy both being piss heads bye for now- swanny

Phillip Sutherland<phillip.sutherland@defence.gov.au>

I was with A and D Coy 6RAR

Whisky Carter<bestaq4@tpg.com.au>

First visited the bar in 1969 on leave from Vietnam (9Sqn RAAF), have again visited on many occasions when posted to Butterworh in 1971-73(478Sqn) and 1977-79 (3&75 Sqn). Trekked back again in 1999 and 2002.

Jim Poland<jimpoland@hotmail.com>

RCB with B Coy 8/9RAR, May-Sep 1982. Always the first stop before the trap-joint run and often the only stop. Is the same family running the place? If so, hello to Penny. My dad was also there in 1955.

Bull Herrod<Bull_XXX@hotmail.com>

I was there with B Coy 8/9RAR, May-Sep 1982. Great place to start the night, who knows where you would finish up. Good times had by all with lots of cold Anchor beer. Hey what about those Skyrocket fights. Bull

Allan (shorty) Eaton<allan.eaton@defence.gov.au>

The HKB is a garden of eden,cold Anchor beer,friendly service.I first went there with A coy 1RAR Jun-Sept75 and finished with A coy 8/9RAR Dec86-Mar87.A million memories all great.If I had to choose one it would be when someone would yell out"PHOTO".One day I would love to go back to penang and have a few coldies and look through the mountain of photo albums and the books with all the drunken coments The world may have changed after Sept11,but the HKB will never change Same great service and lovely cold Anchor beer Cheers ALLAN (SHORTY)EATON..

Michael Steinmetz<Steinmetz@VB-SNH.de>

I was so many times guest in this bar, The first time was in 1988 the last time 2001. I met a lot of people and a few are still good friends like Marcel in Switzerland or Charles in Bangkok.I hope Bill Knight from Northern Ireland is still a good guest and I will see him again in the near furure. One time, I think it was in 1998 I saw the " Naked Kangeroo" inside the bar. One Aussie, nice guy but a lttle bit pissed jumped totally naked through the bar.Again hope I will see this nice place soon. Go ahead Jenny !!!!!

Monty Staddon<monty.staddon@libertysurf.fr>

Yes. Frequent visitor in '64/'65. Good beer, good ambiance, good entertainment!. My mate Norm (RAAF) got his ear pierced most unhygenically by a Merchant Seaman. Me, I am ex-RAF and served at 114 MCRU. Loved the island and everything in it. Loved the RAAF as it was a great outfit to work for. Would love to contact Norm again who came from Port Macquarie NSW. How do I go about it? I remember well the "boatie" and the ozzie hostel. Nostalgia, thats what its all about!

Andrew Ryan<avjmryan@msn.com>

A Coy 8/9 RAR 88/89 - Spent many a night there. Once lead about 15 Aussie diggers in singing the national anthum (Australian) at the top of our drunken voices. Then we played Ke Sahn - and sang it just as loud. Thanks for the memory's

Trevor Waghorn<trevprid@optusnet.com.au>

Served with 105 Fd Bty 1955/57 and 101 Fd Bty 59/61 in Malaya based at Butterwoth. Found your web site by accident and have many fond memories of famous Hong Kong bar. Will be visiting Penang in February. Is my half bottle of whiskey still behind the bar? See you then, Trevor

Steve Holt<steve@inuendos.co.uk>

My first visit to Penang was in 1980 and I was hooked on the culture the lifestyles the history the people but most of all a strange kind of intangible magic that grabbed my soul. Now I've got to keep returning to make sure its ok - my soul that is. I try to get back at least once a year. Well maybe you will all know from previous comments which is my favourite bar in all the world - yep Hong Kong Bar on Chulia St. I have so many happy memories of that bar, every bar has a right to have character but the Hong Kong abuses the privilege. The family that runs it seems to remember everyone and sometimes its hard to get out when its quiet and Annie is saying awww go on have one for the road; hey should I care though. There is a picture of me as a much younger man in one of their books in the back room and many of my stories and signatures in the books below the bar. Maybe Penang itself isn't quite the same now as it used to be, but where is? I would still love to retire their from the uk, eventually, and then I could become a regular at Hong Kong bar. Of course I know that there is much much more to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang, than a bar on Chulia Street. What a great site, thanks so much for all the pictures.

Shane Richardson<shanericho@yahoo.com.au>

visited this fine establishment in 1993 whilst onboard the HMAS SYDNEY.To drunk too remember much except the blind guy out the back who was supposed to guard the beer fridge.he didnt to to good of a job!!!!!


The HKB lives on with the Australian Army, Rifle Company Butterworth consider it their second home. Except when they are on Exercise you can always find diggers enjoying a beer and singing along to one of the oldest Jukeboxes around (its free once you figure out the trick)No trip to Penang is complete without a couple of Tigers from the Hong Kong! Butto RCB52

Tony Williams<malibuman@bigpond.com>

I had my 19th birthday in this bar while stationed at Butterworth with C Coy 2/4 RAR in 1979. Any one present on that night contact me to catch up...cheers and good site..

Jim Caithness<JamesCaithness@aol.com>

I was in this bar in 1972. My ship at the time was HMS GURKHA. Remember looking back all the photo albums going back decades. I intend to visit the bar again one day.

Tony Jackson<anthonyj@melbpc.org.au>

I was with 2/4 RAR at the RAAF base in Butterworth from FEB - MAY 1982. We all spent many hours at the Hong Kong bar, you could tell which of your mates were there by which trishaw drivers were parked outside. I would love to take my family there one day and look through the old photo and signiture albums Thanks Tony Jackson (Jacko)

Ken Willoughby<kenwill@ledanet.com.au>

How many times have I been to this bar, my memory fails me. I was part of the RAAF Police Branch from 75' to 77' and 81' to 84'. Others included Garry O'Bree, Lee Bowes, Roy Braddon, Ernie Sharp, Chook Fowler and Colin Cole, just to name a few. Some stories shall remain where they belong, untold. Nice to see that the RAAF Boys have not been forgotton. Our photo's are numerous. Regards Ken


I remember the 'rickshaw' races when the Aussie soldiers guarding the base were having a night out. They'd hire all the rickshaws available and fill them full of drunken squaddies and offer the winner a prize. Little did they know that the drivers had already made an agreement to share out the prize beforehand. Anybody remember the boatclub (the boatie) run by the RAAF? Spent many a good night in the Hong Kong and Butterworth base in the early 80's

Martin Graaskov<mgraaskov@yahoo.co.uk>

Quite a few of us off the BP tanker 'British Esk' used to frequent the Hong Kong bar in 1997 when we were on a regular Singapore-Butterworth run. We used to supply the Tenaga power station with fuel oil over at Butterworth, but our 'liberty boat' service always took us to Penang. Shame the ship (and that run) don't exist anymore.

Kim Porter<kimandpip@bigfoot.com>

You did not mention that the Hong Kong Bar is frequented also by Australian Soldiers from the the Rifle Company Butterworth, which in the main is manned by members of the Royal Australian Regiment in the main. Also the plaques etc. are predominently from these members, and RAF/RAAF/Navy momentos only make up a small percentage. The Rifle Company Butterworth is still stationed at Butterworth to this day, and still frequent this wonderful establishment. Kim Porter.


Thank you very much for setting up this site for HKB. I was brought up in that place and it has alot of fond memories. Alot of people from all over the world have passed through the doors of HKB and its biggest asset would have been its photo album collection which started from as early as mid nineteen fifties. When I was last home for a holiday a father and son from Australia were visiting and they went through the photo albums and the father managed to find his photograph taken in the fifties to show his son. It was very nostalgic. I am curious to find out whether there is any pub in the world that records its customers so far back in time.

T.Anderson (USA)<tande1054@aol.com>

Thanks for bringing back old memories. I was in Malaysia in April-May 1976, and visited the HKB. I recall that there were guestbooks that one could sign. My name is in one of them. T.A.

Richard Bascome<tintinbrynmawr@aol.com>

Yes I have been to your bar many times over the years. I spend a couple of months a year on Penang and me and my friends stop in for a cold Tiger beer. I enjoy reading you guest book and adding my opinion. During the early evening it's a quiet group and as the night goes on it get pretty interesting with a unusual cast of players. Can't wait to get back. See you in December for a cold one!

Sze Min<nimezs@lycos.com>

it is strange that i have been living nearby there for the past 21 years but i have never been to this bar. and now i am in US, and i juz found that this bar is really interesting, can't wait to go home next summer! i will definitely pay a visit to this bar!