A Heritage House in Muntri Street


three generations have lived here and the present occupants (all in their eighties) have stayed here since birth and apart from water, electricity and the flush toilet, they prefer no other modern convenience - almost every item found in this house is an antique and the owner still chews betel nut leaves!

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M. Lim<marc.lim@chorpee.com>

The photos on the website of the Heritage House at Muntri St. - What is the house number? Is this house open to the public or perhaps on appointment? What are the prospects of the entire Muntri Street being turned into a conversation zone, perhaps like Emerald Hill in Singapore?

Chong L Choe<allstateaus@bigpond.com>

I strongly believe that it should be register with the heritage council in Penang if there is one. Several years ago, I restored an 1870 home in Perth for a client of mine and I can't describe in words on the quality and structure of such a fine home that was built in those days.

Adrian Wong<adrwong@sympatico.ca>

Is this building actually declared a heritage building by the government? If so, good for them. I think the government should actually preserve these kind of buildings for future generations. It is a part of our culture and not be destroyed or forgotten as part of our culture. It can be preserved for tourists and locals alike so they can at least contribute some revenue to their upkeep not to mention maintain a link between our past, present and future. I used to go to school in St Xavier's closeby and was born on 46 Nagore Rd. Regards.