Hill climb, the smart way :-)
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Posted by: kayes

11/08/2005, 21:56:36

Hi all, I am presently in Genting Highlands. Drove up yesterday in the Smart to join some friends from Hong Kong who are here to play golf and staying at the Awana. However, my Hong Kong friends seem to be stuck at the baccarat table since last night and I think they have forgotten all about golf.

I am glad I came though because I had the chance to compete with myself in charging up (and down) the hill from Awana right up to the Genting Hotel. I did not bring a stopwatch but I know the Smart returned some pretty nifty times ... for example, I overtook everyone else going up on all three tries. My first attempt going up was in the Smart's "manual" mode and it was very good, even though at times, the revs shot up to 5500 rpm but still below the redline. The next attempt I put WNE 6178 in "auto" and wow .... it did an even better time ... I think the Smart's gearing is perfectly suited for steep hill climbs. And for the third try I used auto again and this time changed some cornering lines and boy ... this small little fellow delivers :-)

Best wishes to all, kayes.


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