Trip Report by Angela (January/February 2003)


Sorry this has taken a while to get to the forum but we have been so busy since our return from Penang, one reason was we met a couple from UK at the Golden Sands they came to Perth as part of their trip so we took them around a bit. One of my reasons for this trip was serious food research I decided to try char koay teow at all available locations in order to find the best. The result is I put on 5 kilos and definitely need to return to complete this research, many many more times I expect! I did particularly enjoy one I found opposite the police station at Pulau Tikus market.

We as usual had a superb trip visited the Cameron Highlands and stayed overnight at Strawberry Park, now this place looks beautiful but is too far from the towns, has a lot of steps, no service and we found the rooms quite spartan. The location is idyllic for people who enjoy walking or honeymooners. We wished we had stayed in town. We loved our trip to Cameron we met a little bushman on the way up there who still uses poison arrows to kill his food, a delightful man who had us laughing so much that his family came from their houses to join the fun. Our driver obviously knew this family very well as he had brought stuff from town for them. We also stopped at a palace museum Kuala?? sorry forgot the name which I loved I have a postcard somewhere with the name on. The museum was most interesting though it needed a bit of a clean up and I was itching to do it and move in.

We visited Kellies Castle on the way back to Penang, an absolute must for those interested in buildings, spent far too long there. We also went to the prettiest waterfall I have seen in ages the name escapes me but in English means waterfall like prancing deer. On the way up I met a film crew who were struggling with quite heavy gear.We swam there too. The tea plantations were the highlight of our trip they look like shades of green velvet patchwork in the hills. The history of that area is amazing, get a good guide who knows the area, our driver certainly did and loved the highlands. We did a bit of local shopping with our guide, his cell phone instructions from relatives were a pleasant diversion as we collected the items needed by family and friends. He asked if it was ok to do this, it was and later he took us to his home for refreshments.

We visited the open house which Kayes has documented so much better than I can. One night we were standing on a balcony at our friend's apartment block and from the kampung below came a rocket which hit the balcony & exploded, shook us up but we laughed so much. Previous to this my husband thought he had seen a UFO when the large lanterns were released, they do look very beautiful but that night caused the airport to close. There was much discussion about them in the newspaper and the danger of them, maybe they are but they look superb. I loved the fireworks on the beach each night too.

We had a quick trip to Taiping, I decided not to visit the zoo but instead visited the beautiful park. This area is stunningly pretty. We must return again for a longer look. Met up with Rainy in several places even the Camerons and compared notes. Particularly enjoyed the new hawker food hall opposite Golden Sands but invariably visited Long Beach each evening meeting people and making many new holiday friends. We shopped, visited the sights I even went to the market early morning at Pulau Tikus to watch people buying for the Jade emperor celebrations. The ladies are very fussy about their purchases of pork I stood for ages watching and tasting too. We had a busy but relaxing trip and will return next February to the Golden Sands.




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