Trip Report by Angela February 2004


Just returned from 14 beautiful days in Penang, this was our best family holiday ever and I wish I was still there. We went to celebrate our sons 21st birthday which was made even more special by our daughters surprise arrival from the UK where she is presently teaching. We haven't seen her for a year so was a pretty emotional reunion.

We upgraded our room to a suite at the Golden sands, on the 6th floor. It was so fantastic that I doubt we can return to a normal hotel room. Completely spoiled we enjoyed a DVD player in the beautiful lounge and a real jaccuzi ( is that how it is spelt?) The kids had a couple of sea view rooms on the 4th floor.

We celebrated the birthday all day, had a lovely cake made by the hotel and brought to our room. We nabbed a snake charmer/ magic man to do a special show for us at the Poker cafe too. We ate in the evening at Magic restaurant, birthday boy getting a massive lobster with each side prepared in a different way. The food and service there was absolutely superb.

We went on to the new Dolphin disco which also has an excellent live band. We danced the night away and had a most memorable time.

We decided on a day trip to Thailand one day it was most forgetable but we had our favourite driver Jamal from Ocean Jupiter tours who made the trip fun. I guess if you want to visit Thailand from Malaysia don't go to a city. Huge cheers when we passed back into Malaysia.

I may have said this before too but the road services, the cafe stops on the roads are absolutely fantastic, the food, the friendly service, the nice locations and the good loos make your pit stop a pleasant experience.

Lots of shopping this trip with daughter and sons girlfriend, fantastic shoes, bags, clothing. I wonder if the shopping malls have any stuff left. I am also sure the markets would need an evening off to recover!

I decided the family needed some culture so we had a day again with Ocean tours and Jamal experiencing a little historical and local culture. I must say we were very impressed by the museum and next trip will try and spend more time there. We visited the temple of the reclining buddah, was beautiful but my favourite was the one across the road which I believe is the Burmese temple. Very special place, don't miss it. We visited the Fort and other heritage buildings stopping as our fancy took us. We had lunch that day in Little India, a spread of fantastic food served on banana leaves, they also served the best lassi drinks. We took the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion tour in the late afternoon, bit annoyed really but then I guess this is a private residence. The tour is certainly more than halved from the last visit we made, the young man ( son of owner maybe?) knows his stuff but was rather patronising, his talk though informative we felt was delivered with a stifled yawn. He also informed us that the mansion though is for accommodation is nothing so vulgar as an hotel. We returned soon after to our 'vulgar' hotel with thanks.

I don't mean to be negative and would still encourage anyone to visit the mansion to see the glorious restoration project. I felt the main emphasis was on accommodation and not the tour. The kids enjoyed the entire day and so did we.

I forget all the many other wonderful things we did but certainly swimming and relaxing were foremost in our minds.

The food as fantastic as ever and I have a few new places I tried along the way for my fried noodles. I meant to write down one place we ate chicken rice in China town, have eaten there before and is so good. Some chap at the cafe has a stall in the street and deep fries little things like prawn and something like sausage in a kind of batter served with a sauce, we had a selection of his foods, so yummy.

So once again a pleasant most memorable Penang holiday catching up with old friends ( Hi Rainy) relaxing and generally enjoying all the very special features Penang has to offer.




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