Trip Report by Dancer51 September 2002


This report may or may not be long so here we go. Arrived on Penang around 0045 the morning of the 8th Sep and arrived at the Casuarina Beach Resort around 2:30am. The drive from the airport to the hotel was my first eye opener my has this placed changed in the last 18 years, what happened to that narrow road through the Free trade zone which was the only way from Georgetown to the airport. All the main roads have been much improved in most cases to dual carriageways, mind you the traffic has increased some what. I said we would be up early but the pool wasn't open. One other thing i didn't know and that was that it was school holidays, which did make places more busy that they normally would.

The first day we just stayed around BF and found are bearing, the nearest auto bank which way down the road near Nando's Chicken place and now the only one in BF. We also took this time to get use to the humidity and heat. One the second day we ventured into Georgetown, the center of the city has changed but the surrounding streets are still the same as we remember them, we walked from Prangin center to the ferry and came back via a different route. We then looked around the shopping centers Komtar and the newer one next door.

The food in Penang hasn't changed still as good as ever. The rest of the of the trip was taken up with trips to the Kek Lok Si, Botanical Gardens (not as many monkeys as there used to be and the ones we saw behaved themselves ), Butterfly park and Teluk Bahang fishing village. We also hired a driver for 5 hours to take use around Hillside to look at all the old quarters we lived in, I just hope the owners didn't mind us taking all those photos. Then it was down to Burma lane and the two temples, then to the Batik factory and the Pewter factory.

As for restaurants in BF I give the Eden the thumbs down and the Ship next door the thumbs up these where not just based on price but the service "just be warned that the Ship will not take Visa cards". Of course we tried almost all the food places at one time or another but for Breakfast we found the Kampong Ferringi one of the best if you are down that end of town or west of the Holiday inn. Of course we checked out the night markets most nights, I love watching the stall owners disappear quickly when thy get a tip off that the Police are coming, mainly the DVD's and watches.

Now a little word of advice firstly on watches check that the clasp works, the watch is working and turn the watchband inside out it shouldn't fall apart, barter by all means but if you get the down to less than RM20 for a Gucci or Rolex its a fake fake as most genuine fakes cost around RM 25 to RM 35. Just remember the battery cost RM5. Now on DVD's sell for RM8 and it will not matter where you buy them the quality is never as good as real ones but saying that about 70% are not to bad the other 30% have either fuzzy sound or picture sometimes both but what do you expect for this price. Please note all prices are at the 16 Sep 2002 and can and will change. On the whole we had a very nice holiday and really enjoyed ourselves. Having lived there from 1972-5 and 1981-4 we thought that it had lost allot of its identity with all the under occupied highrise buildings. Regard Derek Slater