A Former Resident Frederic Delmas


Thanks for this beautiful site. I had to go back to France after 5 fascinating and happy years in Penang. We left Malaysia only 2 months ago and already miss the country and the friends we left there. We used to live in Diamond Villa, where the monkeys from the nearby jungle proved anti-development minds wrong : 2 years after a construction that made them shy away, they came back and even tried to share a ride in our lifts or a bath in the pool at Horizon Tower. I will visit the site often and watch Penang continuing change. I wish Penang luck and success in daring and making its dreams true. There is no need to push Penang people to dare with Technology. I would instead suggest another daring challenge : how about planning the future town WITH all the trees that saw its brilliant past and still make its beauty and give some of its streets such a majestic stand ? Anyone of us could cut a whole forest in a few months but the richest and most clever man in the world could not make one of Kelawei street trees in a lifetime.. The greatest achievers in History have not opposed Progress and Heritage but more often used one of them to serve and promote the other. I hope and trust the leaders of Penang will be of that brand.