A Former Resident Julian Derham


Between 1967 and 1970 I lived in both Tanjong Tokong and at Hillside, Tanjong Bungah. My address was 12 Road 4, Vale of Tempe. I was young and with the Royal Air Force then, and remember my time in Penang as one of the best times of my life. I remember Penang as lush and green with the most beautiful white sandy beaches, the town as bustling and exciting with a wonderful shopping centre where one could buy almost anything at all. I remember especially the shop "Eastern Photo" where one could buy almost any high tech equipment that it was possible to buy! Also burned into my memory was the wonderful food we enjoyed down along King Street and how the restaraunt, cafe & makan stall owners always made us so welcome. Happy Times!! Even my eldest daughter was born there in the maternity hospital in the military hospital that was called Minden Barracks (now the university, I believe) I'm hoping to revisit Penang in the next year or two. Will it be as I remember it or will it have changed out of all recognition I wonder? I look forward to anything you may be able to tell me about the Penang of the year 2000. Julian Derham