A Former Resident G Houghtaling


Hi! As an American who lived in Penang for almost four years and just left there a year ago, I know you are in for a treat for your visit to Penang. I am very homesick-I just discovered this website. My children and I are going back for a visit in March-we love it that much. Penang is so interesting because it is a small place with so many different cultures and interesting things to see-and eat! The water is OK, but since you are there just a week-I would stick to bottled, or soda or beer. We always drank the local water.. The hawker food is the best-if sanitary food places are your idea, these aren't, but you can't beat char koay teow, chendol, steamed fish,-whoops! veg- chapatis and indian curries are great, I would suggest taking a bus or taxi to 'Little India"- I think it's around Armenian street-my favorite place, a bit of India downtown. Banana leaf restaurants have great-cheap-about 1 USD a meal. Make sure since you want to leave the tourist area-where Golden Sands is-and head downtown and walk around. The weather will be hot and humid no matter when you go, and rain may or may not be a problem. No problem-lah! Enjoy the gorgeous sunsets! If you like temples, go to Kek Lok Si-you can take a taxi, or bus there. Penang is a good place to travel because of the people, food, cheap rates, and friendly people, who most speak English. The Botanical Garden is nice for a wallk, ask someone to show you where "Moongate" is, a hike up Penang Hill-if you like to hike through the jungle. My favorite thing to do was just to hop on a bus-get to see local people that way-stop at roadside hawker stalls and just see where the day takes you. Penang is small, and taxis and buses are just about everywhere, and people are so friendly-it is vey easy to get around. Enjoy! G

Hi-As a person/family who lived in Penang for almost four years, and stayed at the Rasa Sayang for three weeks in transition-you are staying in a gorgeous place. My favorite part of Penang is hopping on a city bus-easy to do-stand at the bus stop in front of hotel and put out your hand-just keep your eyes open wide and enjoy. Pulau Tikus Wet Market is a treat to walk around, and "Little India" and the Heritage Trail are a must. Take a taxi to Armenian Street and walk or tri-shaw around the neighborhoods. Eat at the street hawkers-so many kinds of food, enjoy! Eat with your fingers at a banana leaf restaurant, with chopsticks for char koay teow, eat at Ferringhi Grill-elegant food and the best service anywhere (for 25.00 approx. US) for a sumptuous meal. Tiffins is great for a buffet with Indonesian and Malay food-but the best are the hawkers! Visa is fine most places-be sure to bargain everywhere! I never bothered with travelers cheques-cash for street shopping. kek Lok Si temple is amazing-and also has a lot of shops with the best prices in town (with major bargaining), the Botanical gardens are beautiful and worth a trip and a hike up Penang Hill is great if you are fit. Can you tell I'm homesick? Enjoy your trip to Penang, there are so many cultures and sights there, it is a fabulous place to visit. Suggestions for day away trips-Cameron Highlinds is beautiful-visit the Boh Tea plantation-if you don't mind long,winding drive. Just enjoy!