Trip Report by Michael Kable August 2000


We were able to get a room in the Lone Pine Hotel. Our Likes, (just a couple) The Lone Pine Hotel, the staff are excellent the atmosphere is relaxed with room to move (not resorty). The shopping, at Island Plaza, Midlands and the local markets at Teluk Bahang (Monday nights). The FOOD, where do I start with this one, Nasi Lemak, Porridge, Satays etc. Island Plaza food court and the Long Beach Cafe have great meals and the stall opposite the Post Office at Batu Ferringhi, the lady makes great sweet potato fritters, banana fritters and banana dumplings (ideal for a snack). Walking along the water front on Saturday night. Rambutans. The Garage. Hotel 1926.

Dislikes (not really alot) The traffic at the roundabout opposite Sunrise tower, the traffic around Island Plaza intersection (these are good places to avoid on Saturday night and Sunday if you are driving). The road map of Georgetown needs updating to let us tourists know about the one way streets as getting from one point to the other can be fun, it can also be a bit stressful. Ugly highrises. Jet skis. This is getting a bit long, so all in all we had a terrific holiday.

Did most of the touristy sight seeing things. Just a couple of questions now, Has anybody ever walked around that stone refexolgy path at Tanjung Bunga park near the shops? I sat and watched a Chinese lady walk it about 9 time and said to Linda I can do that the pain was incredible could not get off it quick enough. Every shop we went into (that was alot) had positions vacant is there a high turnover of staff in retail? Gee this is long,more questions later. Linda & Michael