About Penang Talk and Penang Page by John Pugh


Kayes, I saw that there were 9999 messages on the board so I had to get the 10000th in ! Congratulations on the success of the site. If I may tell you a little more about myself... I am the Product Manager in the UK for the Travel Agents Travel Club and also the Internet company "Online Travel Company". Our holidays are sold on the internet via 26 websites including BTInternet, Lineone and Virgin.net. Although we have held contracts with many of the hotels in Penang for some time, until now I haven't found the time to visit for myself. Now that I have taken the time off and made the booking, I have been doing my own research into Penang via the Internet. I would like to say that your Penang pages are the most informative, user friendly and up-to-date site that I have visited. I now check the pages daily for fresh information. I have also written an email to Mr Edwin Yap, manager of the Bayview Beach Resort, and passed on many of the compliments that visitors to your pages have left. Keep up the good work, you are an ambassador of your island! See you on July 1st! Jon Pugh