Trip Report by L Wehrenberg November 2000

I have used your site for a lot of information before we went to Penang, and I promised myself to give you some feedback as to how our trip went. We had a fantastic 7 days in Penang. We stayed at the Bayview Resort in Batu Ferringhi and it was absolutely beautiful. The hotel staff were very warm and pleasant, a real example of Malaysian hospitality. Your island is a wonderful mixture of old and new - its the best place to relax without spending a fortune. The only thing that we didn't appreciate was the long line to get into the the train at Penang Hill - we spent nearly 3-4 hours to go back and forth. The carriages were overcrowded that you can hardly breathe. The view was exhilirating from the top of the hill, but I'm glad that my 3 year old daughter stayed behind with my husband. Its a shopper's delight - the CD's, VCD's, fake watches and gold jewelries were something to go for. We find the the night market in the beach area can be over priced, so you need to haggle. We visited the Island Shopping Centre a few times, although Komtar was a bit of disappointment. Its well worth another visit! Thank you Penang Talk.