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Posted by: pcyeoh
03/31/2005, 08:41:23

1. How long is the drive?

The North-South Expressway (NSE), a 772-km expressway extending from the border of Thailand in the north to the border of Singapore in the south links all major cities on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The stetch between KL and Penang is 350 km.

If you drive continuosly without stopover at the rest areas and there is no traffic congestion (you are able to maintain a cruising speed of 80-110 kpmh) and you drive within the speed limit of 110 kmph and there is no long queues at the toll plazas (normal to see about 10 vehicles in front of you), it will take you between 3.5 hours to 4 hours. During public holidays eg 3 days in a stretch, it may take between 4-5 hours. There are many rest areas in between and are usually 25-30 km apart to tempt you to stop to feed your stomach and your car.

2. Is there any intresting sites on the way to visit?

There are many and I leave it to others to share with you where and why they say so. For me, it is the Cameron Highlands where I go up for the cool weather and the idyllic life. You can find some colonial lifestyle up there. Good for one night stay before you move on.

3. How much should I have in change for the tolls?

The toll here is rather cheap. All toll fares are based on the pre-defined rates and also the distance traveled by the user.

From KL to Penang, there are 3 tolls. The first stretch is KL (Jalan Duta exit) to Ipoh ( a town up north) is RM 26.50. Upon exiting this toll, it is a toll free road of about 8km before you enter the second stretch which is Ipoh to Perai where it is about 5km from the Penang Bridge. This stretch will cost you RM 16.80. And lastly, the Penang Bridge toll is RM 7.00 where you will be driving over the sea for a distance of about 9 km. Total altogether is RM 50.30 which is approximately USD 13.50

4. Is the bridge the only option or can you take the car on the ferry/

I advise you to take both. When going to Penang, take the bridge and returning to KL take the ferry. The ferry trip is an experience itself to ride on. The kids would enjoy it. By the way, the ferry trip is free!! They only collect money from you once as they assume everyone makes a return journey.

5. I have booked 4 days at paradise bay and am thinking of doing a day trip to langkawi is this possible?

It is tiring to do a day trip to Langkawi. I bet you once you are there, you want to stay for the night or two as there are interesting places soem rich in legend to see and it is duty free island. The beers and the cigarretes there are so cheap that you may want to drink and smoke yourself to death!!

6. I have two last days left before I fly back from KL to London, that I have not arranged, is pankor a possibility and stay a night and find accomodation when i get there?

Forget about Pangkor. Once you taste Penang and Langkawi, it will be a anti climax at Pangkor. Nothing great to offer. Spend your money at Langkawi where some of the hotels there just great like The Datai.

7. Can some one suggest a good map that i will need for both the country and KL city.

At the North South Highway offices, the highway operator has produced their own roadmap which focuses very much on their highways. This map which is rich in information regarding rest areas and scenic and interesting spots that answer your second question will help you while you are on their highways. For the KL one, you can drop in at any bookshops in the shopping malls. Buy the foldable ones as it gives you a macro view of the city.

I realise i am asking a lot of questions but i am bringing a young family and want to make sure i have majority of the things covered.

Understandable. You can contact me when you are in KL. I live in this city and Welcome to Malaysia.

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