Indian Mee Rebus
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Posted by: Teoh Cheang Hoe
11/13/2005, 13:16:23

Back in the good ole days ;-) when food was excellent and cheap, one of Penang's star gournet attraction was Indian mee rebus. There were two such stalls par excellente.

One was in Ayer Itam behind the Kong beng school, directly opposite the lane leading to the Ayer Itam reservoir. The owner then lived somewhere in Chor Sin Kheng road and would pushed his cart every late morning to the kopi tiam just behind the school. Originally he offered only mee rebus or mee goreng, but later he added Pasembur to his menu, which made my choice such time an agonising process of decision, decision & decision.

The other was in one of those roads running parallel to the Esplanade - Gurney Road stretch, perhaps in Farqhuar Street (or Road). It was located under a tree at the front of the vast garden of a rather rundown hotel (a building very much like one of those on Millionaires Row). The reputation for this stall was that the Sultan of Kedah had even stopped by to partake of its marvellous mee rebus.

Are they still there or have relocated?

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