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Posted by: Barry Blanch
11/17/2005, 08:50:54

While having breakfast at the Copthorne Orchid hotel when we were there last month we saw an item being prepared on a Barbeque hotplate next to the swimming pool. We never managed to get round to asking anyone what it was but perhaps one of you could help?

The cook had a bowl of what appeared to be a thin batter in one hand and in the other he had a utensil that was a sort of scoop with many holes in the bottom. He scooped up a scoopful of the batter mixture which then ran out of the holes and onto the hot plate which was lightly oiled. By moving the scoop in a swirling motion he formed a nicely patterned sort of crepe on the hot plate. As this cooked he quickly flipped it over to cook on the other side.
Does anyone know what it was?? We didn't see any sort of filling as the cook was obviously practising under supervision from another chef.

Hope someone can help me and also if it is used as a base for something else or perhaps folded and used for dipping or what???

Kind regards

Barry Blanch

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