Penang is the way to go :-)
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Posted by: kayes
05/24/2008, 21:38:32

I just received this entry meant for the Batu Ferringhi Section of I think it is pretty interesting and so I'm highlighting here. Message is from "Bern" and goes as follows:-

"I left frozen Saskatchewan on a teaching contract to Southeast Asia in 1994. Ferringhi Beach on Penang Island was like the first Asian woman I met - beautiful, warm, exotic, and inviting. I'm now living with an Asian lady, have an apartment on Batu Ferringhi, swim in the ocean in January, maintain my water balance with gin n tonic and leave this advice to my friends in Canada - the only utility of ice is in keeping drinks cold. Why suffer any longer? Come over here on the "Malaysia My Second Home" retirement program. There's no lasting joy in masochistic winters.

On the beach! Palms, like sensuous women, gently sway in sea breezes cooling to the heated flesh while a mounting surf pounds and penetrates the yielding shore. Its almost a love story".


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