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Posted by: kayes
08/04/2008, 12:01:03

Hi all,

As many of you are aware, I have set up a new Penang Talk Forum over at:-

I have to close this board because the software running it is almost 10 years old and the developers have ceased to provide support. This means that the occasional bug is difficult to trace, let alone solve. In some cases, the problem cannot be solved at all as it means re-writing the code.

The new Penang Talk Forum is being run by the latest software which is very intelligent and it has many latest features. Like all things, you will have to take a little while to get used to the new format of the new forum but many things there are intuitive and you should be able to interact there quickly.

The mission statement of the Penang Talk Forum has always been to discuss the history, culture and beauty of Penang. To illustrate the history, culture and beauty of the Pearl of the Orient, I have posted about 500 photos at the new forum with more to come. You can select any one of the photos and post a question or comment there. And don't worry about your question or comment not being seen by others because the forum software highlights what you wrote in many ways so that others will see it and respond to your question or comment.

In the alternative, if you are unable to find a suitable photo for your question or comment (especially if you are a tourist new to Penang), then you can ask it at a special section which I have set up. That section is entitled "Ask Your Question About Penang Here". Within that section there are 4 sub-sections. You can use any one of the 4 sub-sections.

Please note that you will have to re-register at the new Penang Talk Forum because it is run on different software. Your present login name and password will not work over there.

Presently I have "closed" this old board which means you can read but will not be able to post. In the near future, I will also delete the thousands of pics I have posted here at the old board, so as to free up some much needed space. This means there will be no more photos to view here. Eventually, I will delete this entire board.

The link to the new Penang Talk Forum is here:-


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