Are we a bunch of friendly people? Tell us by using the form below:-


Ken Tingle<kentee@blueyonder.co.uk>

The friendliest in the world! Having spent 3 years there in the '60s (RAF) it was wonderful to visit again in 2002 with my wife. She like myself, cannot wait to visit again, should be early next year. We walked around so many of the dark quiet streets of Georgetown at night and felt comfortable, the people we did meet at these times were all friendly. This is something I wouldn't dare do in my own hometown. One Chinese family were sat just inside their (closed) shop enjoying durian, I pointed this out to my wife. We were immediately invited in to try some, this being her first experience of the fruit, you can imagine her expession - made a great picture!

Zainol Abideen<landbanking_consultant@yahoo.com>

I am a Penangite myself but now living in KL since 2001. Penang remains my kampong and I miss it terribly. Love seeing all the photos posted by Kayes here and think Kayes should be given a Datukship for the excellent work he is doing here for Penang. The continuous updating of events happening in Penang makes people like me feel that I am there ...spiritually. Thank you. Living here in KL makes me miss Penang Food so much that I go with my wife to Little Penang Cafe at MidValley Megamall to satisfy my palate. It's not the same but it's close! Carry on the good work Kayes and make us proud! Penang Talk Boleh!! Could you please take more snaps of the Kapitan Keling Mosque and it's interiors and post them here. I used to be a regular there and terribly miss it . Thanks a million if you could do that !

Kenneth Ross<kenny81m@hotmail.com>

My Mother is from Penang malaysia,Former name Margaret hendricks.I love Penang lived there in the 60s as my father was in the British Army and remember the place we lived it was 63 Jalan Gaga i think thats how its spelt.Just to let you know am thinking of all of you great people in Penang and hope all is going well as expected after the tidal wave of 2004.God Bless.Kenny Ross.

SY Chin<siewyenchin@yahoo.com>

Of course!! I'm biased as I'm from PG, but I used to work in the Pg Intl Airport, and the passengers tell me that a lot. Is that the pic from MH007 London-PG's inaugural flight? Cheers from Folsom,CA.

Michael Steinmetz<Steinmetz@VB-SNH.de>

Greetings from Germany. yes geat work Kayes. Hope I can go back in May next year. Can I buy you a beer ??? Cheers. Michael

William Nevins<billynevins@aol.com>

I have had many holidays in Penang and can say that the people of the island are really friendly, helpful and very hospitable. It is my favorite place in Malaysia


Yes you are a very friendly people and my husband and myself have been to your wonderful country fo the past years 6, this year we brought our daughter and her partner and they also love it.


Very friendly lovely people who encourage tourists to be a part of festivals and ceremonies, to embrace and enjoy your lives and culture. Thanks Kayes, you are a great ambassador for Penang and your country.

Steve (Ginger) Furniss<stevef@tnn.net>

For sure, well done Kayes, it looks great Steve