3rd June to 4th July 2000

Malaysian Stage - 22 June 2000 at Ipoh

above pics show some of the leading cars and drivers at this stage


click here for more pics


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Hope A.Stewart<>

Thanks for this URL. I've had a good look and will pass the address onto the four Serious Ones. I'm sure they, too, will enjoy the pics. Cheers, Hope Stewart Web Mamma for the Seriously Driven Men

Rainer Wilken<>

Wonderful site! Stunning pictures! Are there any shots of the Peugeot 504 SEDAN taking part in the London-Sydney ?

Ed Rossier<>

Thanks so much for sending the photos. I really like the vintage racing. I'm the original owner of a 73 V6 Capri. Its great tto see this car in any competion again.

Igor Grigoriev<>

Happy to hearing from you again. Nowadays, I have been working in a new Russian sports magazine. What do you think if I would use your pictures in my material? Please, contact me. Igor Grigoriev "5 KOLESO" St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

nizam rahmat<>

Kayes, Thanks for the great pics... it was such a great event... Thank to god ...Malaysia is part of it... Please keep in touch... I got big thing to talk about... Thanks & regards... Cheers!

howard pardee<>

Thank you very much for sending the photos; they were great. I just got a cable modem this morning it it opened the photos so fast I couldn't believe it. I am attaching 4 photos of the Shelby Collection Museum in Boulder, Colorado, USA that you may be interested in. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did you photos. I didn't send them in a folder as they are hard for some people to decompress. I hope you can open them. Howard Pardee

Jim Hayes<>

Looks like quite an event! Even an Alfa from Scuderia del Portello. BTW, I found a copy of "Car Badges" by Nicolson and Stokes in a used bookstore. Interested in it? Jim


Dear Kayes There were 2 Giulias, 1 from Brisbane which belonged to Richard Anderson, the owner of Avanti Motors ( he specialises in Alfas ) and the other from Italy........ whom I also met and he even gave me a sticker of his club. The Italian nearly had a disaster when the bonnet was opened up at SP and it was noticed that he had blown his head gasket (noticeable water leaks). Richard then came to the rescue and offered to change the gasket ( as you know, competitors can help each other but spectators can't for obvious reasons!). When he removed the filter casing, it was noticed that one of the 6 filter bolts had come off and was lodged in one of the flapper valves of the carb........had that gone in, that would have been the end of the engine!! What a lucky break! The Italian's version, like Richard was a 2.0 liter version, stock and unmodified. Richard's was also 2.0 but professionally modified with Alfetta radiator, horn stacks as filters, modified brake servo (only one, a standard PBR instead of 2!) and hydraulics. Calipers were the large Berlina's. The whole interior was like a racer. Richard had the whole body seam welded and, I'm reliably informed by no less than the Secretary of the Brisbane Alfa Club that one could jack up any one point of the body and there would be no flex on the body in toto...w*ow! In fact he damaged his gearbox in Turkey when he nearly rolled down a gully and I was ready here to bring him a spare gearbox .However, he managed to source one in Chiangmai of all places, when apparently, when they arrived, a GTV rolled up ...... and of course after some questioning, he was taken to a local mechanic who only specialises in Alfas and who happened to have a spare sure need some luck!! The GTV had a cracked windscreen. They decided not to do anything about it. Maybe they broke down before reaching Shah Alam. They told me they had all sorts of problems including the u-joint which they had replaced......... Ah!! the pangs of rallying!! The GTV was from New South Wales....nice people. Cheers Don

John Allard<>

Thanks! I will look at them! Thanks for writing, wish I were in Malaysia right now. John

Melvin Thong<>

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos, nice shots, great cars, mainly 911S eh?   Keep in touch, do drop by my personal website at   Cherio,   Melvin Thong.

Bob Hamilton<>

Great pictures! Enjoyed them immensely but sad to see the damage some have obtained especially the 196? M-B which looks similar to my 1967 M-B 280SE, even to colour. Thanks, Bob

Chris Nevard<>

Hi Kayes, Just looking now - what a great event! Cheers


I really enjoyed they hyper link that you forwarded to me. Reminds me of my drive to work some days (30 miles one way). I have never been to Malaysia, but my grandmother as been there several times on business and has always praised its beauty and culture. Are you native to Malaysia?

Tammy Lorey<>

Thank you! Very interesting! Tammy Lorey Executive Director ACD Festival

Joneh Jozie Tinggal<>

thanks for the dozens of pic. great!

Joseph Lee<>

I have taken some too at S.P, and met few Alfa racers, I have mentioned about you as they are tracing a GTA in Malaysia if you have came acrossed which is still existing here. Best regards, Joseph Lee

Andreas Pichler<>

enjoyed the Londo-Sydney pictures. Of course there are some grille badges, make photos in the next days and send them to you. Regards, Andreas


Hi! Very nice! I have put the URL on the links section of our site. Yes we do have a grill badge for members, I could put a request to the committee. Best Regards, J-P -- Have you heard about the Vintage and Classic Car Club of Kenya? Visit our Website:

Paul S. Russell<>

many tkx. I've put in a link rather than copying yr pix. I have some from S'Alam and more to come from the Tanah Merah stage.

J Cowley<>

Thank you for sending details of your London-Sydney Marathon 2000 photos, will include on web page for others to see. Best regards Jonathan Web site :

Scott & Mark Richmond<>

Great web site, but I did not see the P4!!! Scott Richmond. Scott's Old Auto Rubber. Melbourne, Australia. Rubber for all types of cars! NEW WEB ADDRESS!!! Web page:

nizam rahmat<>

Thanks Mr. K... Great experience...great photos...great event...great... Keep in touch!

Peter Clahane<>

I always enjoy visiting your site, and thanks for sending the one on the London-Sydney Marathon 2000 Rally. I enjoyed having a look around. You don't see many grill badges around here any more, with the exception of perhaps the British car clubs. I thought you might like to have a look at a couple I've had for quite a long time. They were proudly displayed on the front of my fathers 1934 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. The car was destroyed in a fire in 1977 and I have been holding on to these since then, along with the hood ornament. They are all that remains of the car, except of course a few pictures and trophies. I hope you like them. Peter Clahane, CD