Wayang Kulit (2.9 MB)

Traditional "Shadow Theatre"


Hula Hoop (9.5 MB)

two pretty girls performing the "hula hoop" dance


Cut Throat (2.8 MB)

a martial arts performance



Lion Dance (7.6 MB)

a performance at Light Street


Malay Traditional Music (5.2 MB)

violin, accordion, guitar & gongs


Malay Traditional Games (4.6 MB)

sepak raga, congkak, hopscotch


Food Food Food (3.6 MB)


A Malay Wedding (3.6 MB)


Goddess of Mercy Temple (4.5 MB)


Penang Ferry (2.2 MB)

What do you think of the videos? Any suggestions?


Lee Le Clercq<>

What a fabulous addition to this already exceptional site. Suggestions for further clips: Penang Hill (when the trains are running again) Batu Ferr. beach A drive along Penang Road.

Meraj Hoque<>

LIke to visit Sooon!! I am coming from San Francisco....Now in US ,Originally born in Bangladesh! TRying to find a GOOD Retiring place...Warm!!